Banana pecan French toast with lardons

For 2


1 large ripe banana

12 toasted pecan nuts, roughly chopped

4 large slices white sandwich bread, 1–2 days old, slightly stale

1 egg

50ml cream

50ml milk

50g butter

1 Tablespoon vegetable oil

100g chunky bacon lardons, pancetta lardons, or regular sliced bacon

Little Melton honey yogurt – as much as you want

Runny honey – if you want

Preheat oven to 180 °C.


Mash the banana with a fork, keeping it a little chunky, and mix in the pecans.

Spread this over two slices of bread. Lay the other slices on top, as if you’re making a sandwich, and press them gently but firmly together.

Beat the egg briskly with the cream and milk and then coat the sandwiches in this. This is easiest done in a bowl-plate, one at a time. You want the ‘sandwiches’ to absorb all the eggy mixture, so keep coating them in it.

Place a frying-pan that’s large enough to hold both sandwiches at once over a moderate–high heat. Add the butter and cook until it stops sizzling then add the oil. Place the sandwiches in, drizzling over any eggy mix that hasn’t been absorbed and cook until golden. Carefully flip over using a wide spatula making sure the filling doesn’t come out, and cook on the other side until golden.

Transfer to a baking dish lined with baking parchment and warm through for 4 minutes. Wipe excess fat from the pan, leaving a little in, then add the lardons and cook over a moderate–high heat until they crisp up.

To serve, cut the French toast in half diagonally and place on warmed plates. Dollop on the honey yogurt, scatter with the lardons and drizzle with the honey if using.


Recipe (c) Peter Gordon 2011