About Us


Little Melton Gourmet Yogurt is proudly made in the tiny Norfolk village of Little Melton. Set up in May 2011, the team at Little Melton Gourmet Yogurt have had one simple goal – to provide you with the best gourmet yogurt products. Just like Melton Mowbray is famous for their pork pies – we’re going to put Little Melton on the map for its gourmet yogurt!


Mark and Cara

Recently engaged in March 2011, this eccentric couple don’t do things by halves. Not only have they relocated to the other side of the world to start up a new business, they decided to get married as well. Talk about busy! Mark is a keen sportsman (that is television-watching sportsman) with his latest addiction the newly-promoted Norwich Canaries. Cara is also a proud member of the local McCarthy Netball squad and together they’re making Norwich their home. With Mark at the helm and, Cara his trusty side-kick this couple are a force to be reckoned with!

Paul Huggins

Paul has a great history in Little Melton. A Norfolk boy who’s been working at Little Melton Food Park for over 37 years! Phew! Our factory was actually built around Paul. This local celebrity is our production manager and in charge of making sure every pot of yogurt that leaves our factory is perfection. A no-nonsense sort of guy who makes sure our factory is ship-shape.

Georgina Besent

Georgie grew up on a dairy farm in Dorset and has a great love of anything dairy. This lovely young lady speaks fluent French, rusty Spanish and dodgy Italian. She spends her holidays skiing in France and propping up the local bar. Georgie will be in charge of growing our delicious yogurts across the UK!

Chris Friberg

Aka Crazy Frog, a wizard in the factory and is responsible for producing seriously good gourmet yogurt. Chris has a tribe of six kids who keep him on his toes and glad for the peace and quiet when he comes to work. With a background in ice-cream making Chris is vital part of the production team!

June Clark

The master of the books, June is the one making sure we don’t get ourselves in a right old mess! June has a love of cocker spaniel dogs and currently owns seven. Known in her local neighbourhood as ‘Crazy Dog Lady’, when she’s not at work she’s walking her dogs on Sea Palling Beach on the lovely Norfolk coastline!

The Production Team

Stuart Peeling, Christine Bloomfield and Julie Huggins are crucial in making surely our lovely yogurt is made with passion and to perfection. Not only are they working in the factory, but they also get out on the road doing deliveries! Busy bees!